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Fire Emblem IF: Part Five by Katfreak
Fire Emblem IF: Part Five
Fire Emblem IF!!!!

My part five, with opinions and the last one for now until the next Famitsu leaks!

Zero - A sadistic subordinate of Leon, all Pegasus Warriors should flee from this guy. I wonder if he has the Steal ability. He "was" a thief after all.

Benoit - Another Nohrian Knight, and Charlotte's foil. I predict he's going to be Kellum nice, and lonely due to people being scared of him, unless they get to know of him. Can't wait :)

Belka - I thought Belka was a young boy at first, but finding out she was a subordinate to Camilla, who likes "strong girls", chnaged my mind. I wonder if she can Master Seal her way to Reveanant Knight, like her boss?

Luna - ...............They had to bring you back. You were my least favourite female character in awakening, and now I have to put up with you again. Godammit Luna/Severa.

Crimson - Another cheat because she hasn't been seen in the Famitsu yet, but she looks like she may be a character who sides with your no matter what. Yay Wyverns :D

Mikoto - I'm worried about Mikoto already. She's being bigged up as a Peaceful Ruler, but I don't think thats the case at all. I think she is secretly evil and helped orchestrate  her husband's death and Kamui's capture so she could take command. We shall see.

Garon - I still think this guy is all round evil. No matter what route you take, I think he is evil. We shall see.

Lilith - This baby "Star Dragon" is a cutey :D I can't wait to help her grow as a support character. But I do wonder if their is more to her then meets the eye....anybody got a theory?
Fire Emblem IF: Part Four by Katfreak
Fire Emblem IF: Part Four
Fire Emblem: IF!!!!!

Part four and my opinions!

Elfie - Cute but powerful, I see Elise has picked a good character here. Armed with a powerful looking ability, I can't wait to she how powerful she can get, she should probably have the best defence in the game ^^

Harold - This guy. This guy. I showed him to :iconk-jounin: and he said, "Why is Zapp Brannigan (Futurama) in Fire Emblem?" That made me laugh. This unlucky guy is more likely to be mistaken for Gaston from Beauty in the Beast, but I hope he's actually a lot nicer. Plus is appearance in the "My Castle" trailer....:lol:

Charlotte - Why do people rag on her? She is one of the first female fighters in the game, so thats awesome! Is it the boobs? Probably, but I don't think that detracts from her. Afterall, she is a Fire Emblem gold-digger. I thought she would have a Noire like personality at first when I saw the smaller screenshots, but then its just showed her cute side was an act for getting money off of men. Thats refreshing in fire emblem :D

Nyx - I was a tad worried for Nyx at first, being compared to Tharja so much. I hope she can get away from her predecessor's lineage and carve her own way in this game. I like the fact she is a fortune-teller, I wonder if she does Augury's like in previous games?

Nishki - Another fan favourite and the Hoshidan shapeshifter. When I do the Hosido run, I'm pairing him with Aqua if possible. Don't ask me why, I just will. Also, his scarf reminds me of black and white mints :lol:

Mozume - A slight cheat here, as she was shown in the most recent trailer rather than in Famitsu, but people seems to think she will be the Donnel of this game. I kinda hope she works for both sides rather than being region exclusive. Hopefully, we shall find out this week in Famitsu!

Odin - Oh boy. Of the three characters which seem to be copies, he is the one that looks the least like his Awakening counterpart to me. The thing that clinches it though is his ability, which seems to benefit those who like forging their weapons. Lets hope he works well!

Lazward - Ah. Him. Based off one of my least favourite Awakening characters, I hope he improves here. He just seems to have grown his hair out here.

Pieri - A cute cavalier, who looks like she'd be an amazing Lolita. I love her already, and can't wait to use her. But why is she Marx's subordinate? Does he a thing for the cutesy ones? We haven't seen his other subordinate yet.
Fire Emblem IF: Part Three by Katfreak
Fire Emblem IF: Part Three
Fire Emblem: IF!!!!

Part three of FE:IF charactes plus my opinions!

Marx / Xander - When I first saw Marx I could decide if his class would be something new, or a combination of Paladin/Dark Knight. He seems to a fan favourite already, but we shall see how he works.

Leon / Leo - A dark knight, a class which I love a great deal, and a genius. He seems to be better then Takumi, which makes me happy. I can't wait to see how powerful he really is when the game launches.

Ryouma / Ryoma - Dubbed "lobster-man" and being the biological older brother of the Avatar, he seems like the perfect foil to Marx. Plus his design does look awesome :) By why hasn't he make his hair a weapon? That thing could be a whip for goodness' sake!

Takumi - I dislike this guy already. He seems rather arrogant and deliberately hateful already. I wonder if he knows something that we don't? Or is he naturally spiteful? Time will tell.

Tsukuyomi - I thought he was girl when I first saw him; but no, she seems like the more Ricken troupe :) I like his design and can't wait to play as him :) I may not use him in my first male play through though, as I planned to name my male Avatar Tsukiyomi ^^

Oboro - Another person who I thought was the opposite gender of what she really was, she seems like a fun character with a unique ability. I do think its sad she has a crush on Takumi, as I don't think he'd reciprocate (plus I don't like him); never mind Oboro, if supports do appear, and I like your bond with the next character, I may ship you guys ^^

Hinata - I honestly had no clue what to think of this guys when he first appeared. I think I like him now, but I can't wait to see what happens ingame with him.

Cyrus - Another fan favourite, I seem to see him as the boy-next-door character. I think he'll be a great friend for the Avatar and can't wait to use him. Plus loyalty is good to have in this game ^^
Fire Emblem IF: Part Two by Katfreak
Fire Emblem IF: Part Two
Fire Emblem:IF!!!!

The next batch of revealed FE:IF characters! There is a spoiler warning here!

(Plus i'm also going to put my thoughts with these guys, so be warned)

Suzukaze / Kaze - Hot damn, this guy. If supports do exist like they did in awakening, I will jump on this guy in a heartbeat. He'd be a good foil to my Avatar character, being calm vs. her enthusiasm :)

Felicia - *facepalm* I like her enthusiasm as the "My Castle", but my god she is klutzy. I liked the hint towards what her skills could be, through reclassing, which should mean she could be quite powerful :)

Rinka / Rinkah - The Hoshidan Fighter everybody loves. She reminds me of Sully based on what we've seen of her, but maybe not as concerned with being outclassed by men. It'll be fun to see how she develops, though I did think she was a subordinate of Ryouma's or maybe his bodyguard ^^

Saizou - I was quite surprised that Saizou has been confirmed to be Suzukaze's twin, even more so when he was said to be hot-blooded and action oriented. He certainly doesn't look it, does he?

Kagerou - Saizou's handler, and quite pretty. I hope she can contain Saizou, as I have visions of him making a spectacle of himself without restraint.

Gunter - What seems to be the Frederick of this game, he certainly looks like he's seen a few battles. I can't wait to see if we can improve him more then we could Frederick; it was a shame then we couldn't make him as powerful as the others. Let's hope Gunter can change that.

Hinoka - Originally, I thought she was just a redesign of Sully for the game, who could be a Pegasus Knight. Now, I do like her, but I need to see her ingame to make my I think she'd be useful for Galeforce if it does exist in this game.
Fire Emblem IF: Part One by Katfreak
Fire Emblem IF: Part One
Fire Emblem IF!!!!

I'm practising drawing the Fire Emblem IF characters as they have been announced! More will come at another time so be warned those who don't want spoilers!

This batch contains:

Kamui (M/F) -  I love the designs for the default characters, plus i can't wait to transform into a Dragon. I can't wait to see how it effects them throughout the game and their overall fate. Plus the two routes have upgrades for the Dark Princes/s class, the Dark Blood (?)(Nohr - can wield Tomes, Dragonstones and Swords) or the White Side(?) (Hoshido - can wield Staves, Dragonstones and swords).

Joker - I have fears this guy will try and chase everybody off, while being happy and attached to you. Joker, dear, please don't chase off everybody in the party ¬.¬

Sakura - Very cute and the healer of the Hoshido sid. I love her War Miko upgrade shown recently, especially that she is given the bow as a weapon. I wonder if she could use tomes in another class and be like a Sage?

Tsubaki - I was confused by this guy at first, but happy to find out the class can be used by men as well :) Doesn't look like we have Galeforce this game though ^^ Plus I think the developers were annoyed by all the questions of his gender, so they had that specific scene in the Onsen of "My Castle".

Kazehana - I thought she looked like Sumia at first, but her ability has improved her a bit. I can't wait to see how it works.

Orochi - A mage, rather than a dancer (which I thought she was at first), I can't wait to see if she sells some impressive magics for the Hoshidan forces to use in the Armoury of Hoshido.

Camilla - Camilla, no, I don't want you to kill people who slight me. I want to prove myself better then then, not see their heads bouncing across the floor......And no I don't want to talk about boobs here.

Elise - Cutie, please don't make me kill you ingame. I wanna protect both you and Sakura, so please come into my team on the neutral path with Sakura. I will protect you.

Aqua - I thought she looked like Lucina at first ^^ But I'm starting to love her already, but I think she and wee are in for some emotional pain. I don't wanna strangle you Aqua, and I don't want to kill yo :(


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Hi guys :)

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